Scent Sample Sunday: Byredo Candles At IKEA

A short while ago, multiple media outlets reported that Swedish furnishings giant IKEA would launch a limited edition of scented candles in partnership with Swedish fragrance brand Byredo. Well, perfumistas, here in the USA, the eagles have landed! I went to my local IKEA today, and there they were, although the announcements said they would be available in November.

The series of candles is named, in classically inscrutable IKEA fashion, “Osynlig.” You can find them online by typing that precise name into the search box on the IKEA USA website, which also seems to be selling them now (i.e., before November). Apparently, the scents are designed by Byredo’s Ben Gorham so that all can be burnt alone or layered together, creating your own personal home fragrance. He is also quoted as saying “I really enjoyed the idea of being able to make interesting products accessible to as many people as possible,” in an interview with WWD. Ikea was “one of the few [with which] I could actually develop and manufacture a product of this quality, yet make it available at that type of price point.”

I only started using scented candles regularly a few years ago. These ones are really special; they come in beautiful ceramic pots with different colors that reflect some aspect of the scent. A few of the fragrances are available in small, medium, and large sizes. I haven’t yet tried lighting any of the ones I bought but they smell wonderful! Most immediately striking to me was “Tobacco and Honey”, which does indeed have a strong note of golden honey.

Scented candles at IKEA, limited edition by Ben Gorham of Byredo
IKEA’s Osynlig candles with Byredo scents.

I am so pleased to have “scored” several of these! The ones that are currently available are: Tea Leaves & Verbena, Pomegranate & Amber, Basil & Mint, Fig & Cypress, Peach Blossom & Bamboo, Lilac & Amber, Rose & Raspberries, Cotton Flower & Apple Blossom, Sandalwood & Vanilla, and Tobacco & Honey.

There is one fragrance mentioned in the press, “Swedish Birch and Juniper”, that I did not see on the IKEA USA website or in the store, and it sounds like one I would like. Apparently the other three scents in the collection — Cassis & Freesia, Swedish Birch & Juniper, and Firewood & Spice — will be available in February 2021.

Have you seen or tried any of the “Osynlig” collection yet?

8 thoughts on “Scent Sample Sunday: Byredo Candles At IKEA

  1. Those sound amazing. There is no IKEA near us. Closest one is 5 hours away in Atlanta and I try hard to stay away from the ATL due to the horrible traffic. I’ll check and see if they sell the candles online. I have bought one Byredo candle on eBay from a seller I’ve bought from before. She offers them at about $20 less than retail.
    I am a total scented candle addict. I started burning the candles about 18 months to 2 years ago and I have to have some kind of scented candle going all the time or I’m depressed. The candle buying increased, unfortunately, during this pandemic. My favorites are Diptyque Baies (rose and berries-love!!) and Cire Trudon Abd El Khadr (a mint and basil fragrance- so refreshing!) I sell the empty candle jars on eBay for $10.00 plus shipping when I’ve used them and cleaned the jars well. Helps a bit with defraying the cost of my addiction. LOL.

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  2. I looked online, and so far those candles are invisible (Swedish: osynliga, plural) on the Norwegian website! A few of the scents appeal, like the one with tea leves and the basil & mint. Even if I have never found a Byredo perfume I like enough to buy a full bottle, I can imagine the style would be suitable for candles. In theory I like scented candles, but in reality I seldom light the few I have, so not very likely I will grab any of these unless we go shopping at one of the two local IKEA stores. .Not very likely, since today the government made public new restrictions, we will (among other things) all have to wear a mask in public places where it would be difficult to stay one meter apart. Sensible, but not comfortable. I won’t grumble too much, given so many countries are far worse off than this small country on the outskirts of Europe.

    Used up the last few drops of Equstrius from a tiny decant the other day (still want a bottle), today wearing some Alahine, also from a sample.

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    • Honestly, I just wear a mask whenever I go to run errands in person, which I don’t do often as our numbers in the US are so bad. I’m quite used to it now. Better than taking a chance I might infect someone, or be infected. Visiting IKEA was pretty simple as they already told you which direction to go! And our store is so big that it felt like there was plenty of space and air circulation. Fingers crossed!


    • They’re very nice! And yes, I think they’re selling fast. I agree, such a clever collaboration! The other partnership that intrigues me is the line of fragrances Jo Loves did for Zara, called “Emotions”, which launched a year ago in the UK (and Europe, I think?) but aren’t available in the US. Sigh.


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