Fragrant Highlights of 2019: What Went Well

Happy New Year! Rather than listing my favorites or “the best” among the fragrances launched in 2019 (other blogs have done that so thoroughly!), I am going to list some of my own fragrance highlights of 2019. Some are actual perfumes, others are fragrant items or experiences. I feel so fortunate. I write about my many blessings in this blog to remind myself that, in spite of challenges and losses, I am thankful for the love and beauty in my life.

  1. First trip to Tuscany, Florence and Venice, with many perfume stops. I will not forget the aromatic scent of the Tuscan hills and the timeless beauty of their landscape — not to mention the fragrances of the vineyards and wines, and the cooking class I took. Florence and Venice were as magical and amazing as expected, and I brought back souvenir fragrances from perfumeries like Santa Maria Novella, I Profumi di Firenze, Aquaflor, Farmacia SS Annunziata dal 1561. Back home, I treated myself to Flower Fusion by The Merchant of Venice (gorgeous glass bottle, lovely fragrance); and my husband gave me Hermes’ Un Jardin Sur la Lagune for Christmas.
  2. Visit to 4160 Tuesdays’ studio in London and meeting Sarah and Nick! If you’re a fan of 4160 Tuesdays’ fragrances, and you wonder if Sarah really is as cool and interesting as she seems, the answer is YES! She and Nick graciously spent time with me, talking about their fragrances. And yes, I came away with several purchases, including the beautiful Truth Beauty Freedom Love and the silk scarf designed to go with it. I’m excited to see their new studio on Raynham Road when I visit London again! I also took part in the crowd-funding (such a brilliant idea) of some 2019 launches by 4160 Tuesdays, including Clouds’ Illusion, Christmas Concert, and Meet Me On The Corner
  3. Perfume-making workshop in Nice, at Parfum Et Vous, recommended by Megan of the blog “MeganInSainteMaxime.” It was a beginners’ workshop, but so much fun! And I was introduced to a line of fragrances I hadn’t tried before, Baruti.
  4. Meeting Megan in Cannes, and visiting the office of Atelier des Ors, including meeting its founder, Jean-Philippe Clermont and trying several of its fragrances which were created by Marie Salamagne: Nuda Veritas, Crepuscule des Amesand Choeur des Anges.
  5. The publication of Neil Chapman’s wonderful book, “Perfume: In Search of Your Signature Scent.” Neil writes one of the longest-running and best blogs about perfume, “The Black Narcissus“; he is a true connoisseur and collector of fine fragrance as well as a very interesting, creative person. It was so exciting to read about his work on the book and its eventual publication and launch!
  6. Learning how to use Instagram!
  7. Two very special fragrance sets/Christmas gifts, which I can’t wait to explore: Dawn Spencer Hurwitz’ 2019 Heirloom Elixir Collection, and Sarah McCartney’s “January Joy Box” from 4160 Tuesdays.
  8. Giving in to temptation and ordering Papillon Perfumery‘s Bengale Rouge. It hasn’t arrived yet, from Ave Parfum, but I expect it shortly! This has been one of the most highly rated perfumes of 2019; given how much I love Dryad, I’m excited to have this.
  9. The continued success of St. Clair Scents, another independent artisan perfumer, whose fragrances Gardener’s Glove, Frost, Casablanca, and First Cut I thoroughly enjoyed in 2018. Although I haven’t yet reviewed them, this year’s issue of Pandora and Eve , the “Audacious Innocence Collection”, shows us that Diane St. Clair is here to stay, thank goodness, in perfumery as well as her legendary butter.
  10. Getting to try L’Iris de Fath, thanks to the wonderful associate at Jovoy Paris’ London store.

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What were some of your fragrant highlights of 2019? Feel free to comment broadly, it’s a broad category! Thank you for reading my online musings this year.

Featured image: Fleurs et Flammes, Antonio Alessandria Parfums.

15 thoughts on “Fragrant Highlights of 2019: What Went Well

  1. Wow, you’ve had a very exciting year of perfume travels! I’m envious! I also don’t write best of lists on my little blog because I test so little compared to others. But I hugely enjoy reading their lists for ideas. It’s very damaging to the pocket book. Sample become expensive so quickly! Do you have any travels planned for 2020? Happy New Year to you.

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    • Happy New Year to you too, and thanks for reading! Yes, I will be able to visit London, Paris, and Normandy this summer. London, as I’ll go with my husband on a business trip, and we’re taking our kids to France after two of them graduate this spring (high school and college). We’re also thinking of the Grand Canyon in the fall or winter of 2020, as the kids and I haven’t seen that. You?


  2. What a great year! My perfume year was fairly tame although a trip to San Francisco in June meant some in person sniffing at Chanel, Neiman Marcus and Tigerlily. My favorite purchase of the year was DSH/American Perfumer Colorado.

    Happy New Year!

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    • I’ve enjoyed following your posts on Instagram! I’d love to visit San Francisco, I’ve never been there. It’s on my list! Thank you for reading my musings online, and a very happy New Year to you and yours! We finished our last high school football season (which means the end of football, as our son won’t play in college), but we’re heading into lacrosse season soon. A good thing, because the end of football was very emotional for him and his friends. I hope your son has a good year and stays healthy in 2020!


  3. Happy New Year OH! Wishing you and your family an adventurous, healthy, and prosperous new year. I always enjoy reading your posts and appreciate your insight into the world of perfume. You have had an amazing year! Envy! I tend to also love the perfumes you do, and I enjoy learning from you. You have inspired a few perfume purchases! I think you will love Bengale Rouge. Nice that you ordered from Ave Parfum, I wish Liz continued success with her perfume shop. I purchased a bottle soon after the release and it took a little time for me to understand it, and now I absolutely adore Bengale Rouge! I’ll most likely need a back-up bottle. I’ve worn it a lot over the holidays. Pandora and Eve are on my FB wishlist, as well as Casablanca.
    Happy New Year!

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  4. You sure had a fragrant travel year, I wish you many more. I had a busy year smelling some new, but mostly new to me. And I’ll wager that you will fall in love with Bengale Rouge. It was instant love for me. My other strong like was FM Rose & Cuir, though it’s not rosy and not leathery to my nose. There’s nothing I’m hankering after at the moment (my wallet is rejoicing) I’m happy enough with what I’ve got. Of course, something is bound to pop up and tickle my fancy but I’ll worry about that when it happens. I love Neil’s book, not only for his writing but for the whole design with its Art Deco aesthetic. Handmade soap is a big thing this past year, just stocked up on more. Have a couple of years’ worth of it now. Artwork was another ‘thing’ for me, three new pieces and I haven’t enough wall space now.

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  5. What a year you had! I read your reports on many of the events, but now when you put all of these on one list it sounds especially impressive.
    I’ve just started crunching numbers for 2019, so I hope to be able to answer your question about my fragrant highlights. But visiting several main London’s perfume places was definitely a positive experience that I wouldn’t mind repeating.

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