Perfume Chat Room, March 18

Welcome to the weekly Perfume Chat Room, perfumistas! I envision this chat room as a weekly drop-in spot online, where readers may ask questions, suggest fragrances, tell others their SOTD, comment on new releases or old favorites, and respond to each other. The perennial theme is fragrance, but we can interpret that broadly. This is meant to be a kind space, so please try not to give or take offense, and let’s all agree to disagree when opinions differ. In fragrance as in life, your mileage may vary! YMMV.

Today is Friday, March 18, and I’ve been wearing green fragrances all week! This makes me very happy, as I love and own many green fragrances.

Image from Disney’s Fantasia 2000;

Truly, this has been a week for the “wearin’ o’ the green“! Today I’ll be wearing Papillon’s Dryad; earlier this week, I wore Cristalle, Chamade, Silences, and of course Chanel No. 19. Other options I could have chosen (and I may wear some this weekend, just to keep it going) are Envy, Decou-Vert, Vent Vert, Manifesto, Azurée, Aromatics Elixir, one of the Tom Ford Vert series, Le Jardin de Monsieur McGregor, too many others to list.

Yes, I am wallowing in green this week. Do you like green fragrances? Any particular favorites?

Outdoor sculpture of the Mud Maid, Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall
Mud Maid, The Lost Gardens of Heligan

13 thoughts on “Perfume Chat Room, March 18

  1. I thought about wearing Silences today but it’s a little too aggressive for me… not a huge green lover. I’m wearing Envy which is just about the right amount of green.

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  2. I do love greens in spring & summer. I’m very envious of you still owning Envy! I’m also curious about which Manifesto you’re referring to? Isabella Rossellini or YSL? I loved the Isabella Rossellini one.

    Recently I’ve been given the suggestion of Arden Beauty in my search for a green, cheap thrill. Have you or any of your readers any experience of Arden Beauty?

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  3. I really must try Mugler Aura. And what a bottle, fabulous. I love green in perfumery but am struggling to think which ones I have, apart from No.19. I think I’m still a bit brain dead after a busy week.

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  4. I love the photos. The Mud Maid reminds me of Penhaligon’s Blasted Heath. I’ve been wearing diptyque’s Venise, a green, herbal fragrance and also my sample of Eau d’Italie’s Poet’s Garden, another lovely fragrance reminiscent of an herb garden on a sunny day. I’ve also been wearing Chanel No. 5 L’Eau. It seems rather green to me, and, of course Chanel No. 19!

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